Breath and Let Go

Change is one of the hardest things for us. No matter how good it may be for us, we always struggle with change. In order to learn and grow we have to change and also let go of our expectations.

Change is painful and pulls us out of our comfort zone. Even when that change is really what we need. We still fight it; it’s our human nature.

We cling to the memories of good times and hope that those days will happen again even though deep down we know that they’re gone.

Change is inevitable. We must embrace it and look forward to it. All while enjoying the moment and never taking anything or anyone for granted.

My advice is to take a deep breath and just let go. Let go of everything that’s holding you back from being your true self. It’s time to start over and find a new path. Hugs and prayers for you and your journey and remember!

The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step
Lao Tzu

Happy Wednesday everyone! Make it a great day! 🙂