HeroDo you think that you’re a Hero?

Probably not, but if you really stop and give it some thought, you’re probably a lot closer to a real hero than you know.

I’m not talking about your child’s hero, that goes without saying.

Real heroes are those who have the courage to love, laugh, and live full tilt, despite the hand they’re dealt.―Kute Blackson

Maybe, you were lucky enough to have two loving parents that not only nurtured you but encouraged you and were there for you and supported you throughout your life and if you did, I am truly happy for you and you are very lucky, because most of the world doesn’t/didn’t.

Most people have a multitude of areas that they’ve had to overcome. Whether it be abuse, divorce, drugs, alcohol, [fill in the blank here with your demons], most of us have had to overcome many areas. We ALL have them; rich or poor, athlete or geek, popular or not. And despite the shortcomings, you’ve turned out OK. I think that you should be extremely proud of yourself and should remind yourself that you’ve overcome much to get to where you are today.

If you’re like me, you probably carry your own climate. Your own “pocket full of sunshine”. If it turns out to be a dark and dreary day, you reach in and take it out and smile! It doesn’t matter because nothing is going to stop you.

You love life’s challenges and you love it when people “try” to limit your ability. They tell you that, “you’ll never be able to do that” or “you can’t do that”. Who are these people? Why do they feel so compelled to limit our abilities or to tell us what we can or can’t do? Never let anyone limit you and always remember that, “what the mind can believe, the body can achieve.” Follow your heart and your dreams and keep reaching for the stars.

I tip my hat off to you. You’ve chosen to smile and stay positive regardless of what the world throws at you. In my opinion, you’re a survivor!