Feeling like you don’t have a chance in life? Feeling like you were born with less? Feeling like you’re always battling uphill? Feeling like things never go your way? Well, welcome to the club… Most of us have been there and some of us know no other way in life. Very few people are born with a silver spoon and even fewer are born with everything. So, if you’re still looking for that perfect opportunity? Guess what? It may never come and you need to be OK with that. Luck, is something that you make for yourself. In fact if you look at the definition of Luck, it says: a force that brings good fortune. Why not be that force? I can think of no stronger one that you have complete control over.

“Those who approach their jobs and careers with enthusiasm always find plenty of opportunities, while those who complain about no one ever giving them a chance are merely observers of life. When you are determined that you will not allow others to determine your future for you, when you refuse to allow temporary setbacks to defeat you, you are destined for great success. The opportunities will always be there for you.” ~Napolean Hill

Stay positive and keep your head up and your heart strong! Don’t ever admit that the world has not given you an opportunity. You can make it happen. I’m pulling for you! Have a great day! 😀