Don't look backMy apologies for not writing for some time. I really miss it! Life, Work, etc… has a way of just running away from you. Today I read a great article and I think it applies to so many of us who tend to look back and remind ourselves of the pain that we’ve experienced in the past. For some, they can never move forward and are stuck in the past. “You cannot do the work of starting life over, and be busy reliving your past at the same time. Being new is a deliberate choice, an act of alignment that places you in conscious contact with a living presence that’s incapable of repeating itself.”

Please take a moment and read, The Power to Change Your Past by Guy Finley. It will really help you move forward and put the past behind you! 🙂

A great quote from the article to always remember;

NO pain from the past can make itself present unless the mind, asleep to itself, is deceived into revisiting the painful memory of that misery. This is a great read for those hurting from the past.

The only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come! Keep going and looking forward! The best of days are still ahead! Always stay Positively Positive!

Blessing to you on this beautiful Friday and I wish you the best and have a great weekend!